Into the Unknown

I may be a scientist by education, but a writer by passion.

I started to write about my educational journey at SP (although I’d rather call it a freefall) but I decided there was no point in doing so because I don’t really wish to revisit painful memories. 

So I shall fast forward to life after SP. For the uninitiated, that’s Singapore Polytechnic, the first in Singapore. 

Life after SP hasn’t exactly been spectacular. It has been peaceful, however. A well deserved break and rest that I could only dream of while struggling to cope during my 3 years in school. It was a welcome change, definitely. No more having to haul myself out of bed and get ready for ridiculously early classes which were in no way relevant to everyday life. No more having to battle my inner demons to keep awake (and pay attention) during lengthy lectures, in rooms that were always too cold for anyone to function properly in. Plus, I was the rare species who was cursed with an attention span which never seemed to last beyond 30 minutes - you can imagine the torture I had to go through during those mundane 3 hour lectures almost everyday. Not only did that take a toll on my mental health, it affected my physical health as well. Not good. 

But I guess all that perseverance paid me handsomely. Now with my graduation behind me, I can rise and shine at whatever time I fancy, my mother prepares me delicious breakfasts each day and serves me with a smile - what more can I ask for? I have all the time in the world to pursue the things I love most. Heck, I could even pack my bags and go on a vacation right now if I pleased! I’ve gotten my freedom ; my liberation. All these years I felt like a bird trapped in a cage, unable to spread and stretch my wings. But now, I’m free. Someone had opened the door of my cage and allowed me to fly free; wherever my wings take me. This new-found freedom - I like it. And I think I deserve it. 


Lace heels!

Found this beautiful pair of leopard print heels lying around. Definitely gonna wear them out at least once! 

Who knew using long chains as bracelets could be so fun!